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Digital Scrapbooking and Bluegrass Music are the hobby loves of my life but there just isn't much on digital music images on the internet for embellishing your favorite music photo album pages.

The whole idea of this website is to offer acoustic musical instrument images for decorating or embellishing your
favorite music photo album pages, music event flyers,
music group newsletters,

Your Photos, Flyers, or Newsletters can best be remembered by surrounding them with images that connect you with your pictures, experiences, places you've been, or places you want to go.

Most if not ALL other digital scrapbooking websites offer hundreds of kits to make great looking photo album pages.
Bluegrass Music Memories website is mostly about individual pieces so you can choose which ones you want to use. You can also use them to supplement other kits and embellishments.
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Bluegrass Music Memories!
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