About Us

I have played and sang Bluegrass music for over forty years!  I have been to and played and sang in festivals. I have played and sang with some of the best. I know and love the sights and sounds of Bluegrass Music.

A few years ago I discovered digital scrapbooking and
just fell in love with how easy it was to put a page together!
I put my finished pages in page protectors and into 3-ring
binders and I can enjoy looking through my pages.

I joined a few digital scrapbooking websites and found
some really good stuff to build my pages with, but after
extensive searching I could not find any Bluegrass scraps
to portray the real Bluegrass look and feel that I wanted.

I love to draw and create things with Photoshop™ so I
started making my own scraps. Then idea after idea just
started flowing in which I have spent countless hours over
the past couple of years and decided I had enough to share
with others who like me want GREAT Bluegrass Music Memories pages to enjoy for years to come.

Oh yeah, the “us” is myself and my wonderful husband
George who has helped and supported me throughout
this whole adventure and all the picker friends of whom I
have had the honor to pick and sing with through the years.

Gale Rotan/Owner/Designer

Bluegrass Music Memories copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.