Purchase Agreement / Terms of Use

Hello and thank you for purchasing my scraps from Bluegrass Music Memories.  I hope you have a lot of
putting them together to make your own Bluegrass scrapbook memories, flyers, new letters, cards,
invitations, or anything else you can imagine to create!

This Purchase Agreement, Refund Policy and Terms of Use are a part of our Terms and Conditions
and applies to the website BLUEGRASS MUSIC MEMORIES.

Purchase Agreement

When you purchase Bluegrass Music Memories products, you agree that they are digital downloads only.

We do not offer any physical or tangible products at this time for sale on our website.
You only need to purchase a product one (1) time because you can make as many copies as you
need for a project.

If for some reason you failed to understand that our products are downloads only, You can print them out
and cut them out to place on your paper projects.


We do not offer refunds as these are downloads and cannot be returned.
If you feel there is a reason for a refund you can email us. On the Contact Us page.
Please put Refund Request in the subject line.

If you find any flaws in the workmanship of an item please let us know. We will correct it and send
you a refined copy at no extra charge.

Terms of Use

When you download Bluegrass Music Memories scraps to your computer you may save them to your hard
drive, external hard drive, flash drive, thumb drive, CD, or any other electronic device for your personal use
You may alter (resize, recolor, add to or delete from) any scraps to fit your pages but they will still belong to
Bluegrass Music Memories.
When you share or use any single scrap on any website/pages, please upload at 72 dpi.
You may not sell, resell, rent, or lease any Bluegrass Music Memories scraps on line or in any physical
You may not use Bluegrass Music Memories scraps in any way that would be immoral, pornographic, sac-
religious, unethical, obscene, indecent, offensive… you get the idea.

All of the items for sale and Bluegrass Music Memories web pages are copyrighted 2013 and the sole
property of Bluegrass Music Memories provided by the United States Title 17, U.S. Code and other
international laws. Violators of this copyright is subject to criminal penalties, fines, and the possible
recovery of any loss of income or profit of the copyright owner due to infringement, and could possibly be
held liable for attorney’s fees as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this Site, or the above Purchase Agreement,
Refund Policy or Terms of Use, Please contactus by email directly and you can also contact us via postal
mail at:

Bluegrass Music Memories
P. O. Box 32
Nolan, TX 79537
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